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Stable Versions

v8.0.10 « Sakuya Splendide » (2024-06-29)

Minimum requirements for Linux

The Linux binaries require a GLIBC version 2.31 or higher

For example for Ubuntu, this GLIBC is present in versions 20.04 and higher


Here is the installation documentation !

Updates on Windows

If you have an installation earlier than 3.2

Before the first installation via the installer, rename the folder where Karaoke Mugen is installed by Karaoke Mugen. When selecting the folder in the installer, select the parent folder. Karaoke Mugen will move into the renamed folder.

If you want to update a portable version

If Karaoke Mugen is already downloaded and you’d like to update to a newer version, unpack the ZIP archive in the same folder and replace all old files by the new ones. The portable version is not compatible with the automatic update.

Experimental Versions

Starting with version 4.x, these experimental branches are compatible with auto updates.

Source Code

Each branch and versions’ sources can be reviewed on the GIT repository

Previous Versions

Here is the GIT page for older versions.

Some old binary versions are still available here. Usually we keep the latest minor version of each major version.