Features highlights

  • Multi-sourcing : You can host the karaoke base on a NAS or external HDD while having the application installed locally. Both on external supports work too. And as there is no system-specific setup during the installation, you can absolutely put it on a (big) USB stick and have fun at your friend’s.
  • Multi-format : Any file format/codec is supported for video/audio/subtitle files. Including embedded subtitles.
  • Multi-platform : It all runs under Linux OSes, macOS or Windows environment! We even heard of someone running Karaoke Mugen on a Raspberry Pi…
  • Song sorting : You can sort everything with a tag and criteria system: author, title, language, OP/ED number, video clip or AMV, video game, anime, OAV/OVA/OAD, movie, serie, live performance, spoilers, length, age rating, vocaloids…
  • Alternative titles : As we’re not all weeaboos, you can also search for alternative titles of shows known with different names. You’ll never hear « how do you spell Renkinjutsushi ? » ever again.
  • Who submitted this : We promise you won’t hear « who’s the &à%£ asking for Popotan ? »
  • Dynamic subtitle sizing : Subtitles sizes automatically vary with the video resolution, so any 480p will be as readable as a 1080p BR-rip.
  • Blacklist : If you don’t want your public to submit specific stuff, you can easily ban any tag, singer, keyword or title. Mechaphiles don’t have friends anyway.
  • Whitelist : You can block a whole tag but still allow some songs. « King Gainer » may be mecha, who wouldn’t dance on the opening ?
  • Offline : Internet is not required to run the application !
  • But also online ! : Karaoke Mugen has a few online features like universal accounts so your users can carry around their favorites, avatars and profile info simply by logging in with their account. There’s also a URL shortener for your guests called kara.moe!


More Features

  • Exported display : Lyrics are displayed on the main screen, but also in playlist view, so you can make sure you’re playing the right song. Far from the screen or visually-impaired? You can sing too, lyrics scroll in your browser in real time !
  • Aliases : You can choose your own nickname when accessing the playlist. Display your fine tastes in fullscreen in front of the whole room. The admin can also set an anonymous mode for everyone.
  • Administration interface : Password protected, so your guests don’t mess up with the playlist at will.
  • « I’m feeling lucky » : Choose a random karaoke in the list, and check your karma!
  • RanDomination : Randomly reorder a playlist. Because a good playlist is a playlist with suprising series sequences.
  • Automatically create mixes depending on your guest : AutoMixes create playlists in a smart way depending on your users’ favorite songs.
  • Whole playslist : You can add the whole base in the playlist. Keep singing for more than a full week. NON STOP.
  • Duplicate detection : You can allow or limit duplicates in a single playlist. Default behavior forbids having twice the same karaoke in a playlist.
  • International : In our full base, you’ll easily find french, english and japanese. But if you want to be surprising, you can also add hebrew, italian or russian songs!
  • Troll : Mischievous DJs will find some burlesque songs, like parodies, distortions or special versions. Oh, « The Fishmaster », one can’t avoid such a classic…
  • Pause : For a starter, sometimes you’d want the audience to fill the playlist before actually starting the videos. This way, everyone can sing along at the same time.
  • Playback control : Of course, you can also skip a track, go to previous or next song, go forwards or backwards or back to the begining of the playing song, pause or stop playing…
  • « What’s that already? » : The anime and song title are displayed both at the begining and end of each karaoke.
  • Custom wallpaper : Proudly display your favorite waifu between karaokes.
  • Max song length : Sometimes, we don’t have time for long-running songs, so you can also hide them from song selection.
  • Antiflood : The choice of songs won’t be left to the same few people all the time! You can define a quota by number of songs or time.
  • Choose your display : Allows the karaoke to display fullscreen on a video projector, while the admin stays with his own view on the main PC screen.
  • Windowing : Allows streaming in a “Picture-In-Picture” fashion so you can have a discrete karaoke while coding, or simply testing stuff!
  • Translation : The application and base can easily be translated in any language. As of now, there’s only french and english, but we’re soon going to implement others.
  • API : Our interface is sick ugly, and you can code? Well, enjoy, we published a full API documentation.
  • Import/Export at will : You can export your favorite playlists as .kmplaylist files and bring them to your buddies’ place, as long as they use the same karaoke base as the one the export was made with.
  • Administrator’s messages : As the admin, you can broadcast a message to all users. Warm up the room announcing « Giorgio Vanni » is coming!
  • I love you my fans! : Your audience likes playing? You can enable a “song poll” mode so they can choose a song among some suggestions. The song with the most votes will be added to the main playlist!
  • Jingle bells : Some funny video jingles can be added inbetween songs in your playlists. Our community made some already, even! See the repository !
  • I am commander Shepard and this is my favorite song on the Citadel : Tired of searching for the same songs everytime? Add them to a favorites list! Export it to keep the list on your device and import it back into another karaoke instance!

Technical Features

Karaoke Mugen is :

  • An application released under MIT Licence, a free licence which allows you to use the app exactly as you want.
  • Using .ASS subtitles, which is karaoke-friendly.
  • Able to completely close the app from the web interface.
  • Available through a web browser (even IE6) on mobile devices and computers, or through a desktop application.
  • Able to pilot the player with the admin’s interface.
  • Two running modes :
    • A default private mode, where user-added karaokes are directly queued in the playlist.
    • A public mode, where users add karaokes to a suggestion list, and the administrators gets to decide which songs to play !
  • A full REST API for developing other interfaces or mobile clients.



And maybe your own ideas ? Feel free to send some right here.