More Karaoke!


Karaoke Mugen isn’t the only group spreading the love for karaoke– there are others too! Some of them even allow you to freely use their database like us.

Do you know other groups making and enjoying karaoke? Contact us so we can add them!

Other open source karaoke software

There’s no shortage of open source karaoke software! If Karaoke Mugen doesn’t suit your needs, try to look at those.

  • Karaoke Eternal : Another software made for parties and events, a little like Karaoke Mugen! Its big difference is its modularity and that it handles the CD+G karaoke format. The main developer is also awesome.

  • Ultrastar Deluxe : The SingStar clone no one bothers to introduce anymore

  • OpenKJ : A cloud-based karaoke solution which allows to manage karaoke sessions where people take turns singing, modify tempo, key, and other things.

  • KaraKara : KaraKara is another karaoke system for events like conventions with a good number of guests. It has a complete tag system, a queue manager with priority tokens and other fun stuff.

  • Spivak : Standalone karaoke player with a simple web interface to manage the song queue. It can use a wide variety of karaoke formats (but not ASS!)

  • Vocaluxe : A young alternative to Ultrastar but with quite some promises, especially if you’re looking for some fun party modes.

  • Ponytone : A multiplayer and online karaoke game specializing in My Little Pony songs.

Create karaokes

  • Aegisub Japan7 : A special version of Aegisub fixing some bugs and adding some features like tap-to-time.

Other karaoke lovers


  • Soramimi Karaoke : Soramimi Karaoke is a complete system made of a software and a karaoke database in their own format (fortunately easy to read). Their karaoke database is mainly made of full-length versions of many anime and J-music songs.
  • KuroSensei’s Anime Karaokes : KuroSensei is a Chilean offering his karaokes to anyone on Github for animes from 2017 and 2018!

United States

  • Karaoke Kaizoku-dan : The Pirate Karaoke Brigade operates in the USA in many major anime events and has a great song catalog!


  • Epitanime : This student/anime fan group offers karaoke nights at their school every week-end, as well as during the Epitanime Convention event every year. Great atmosphere and fun times await you there!
  • Bakaclub : Another group managing the Bakanim event who has a dedicated karaoke team. You’ll find fun and loving people at Bakaclub who will help you making karaoke if you have any questions!
  • Bulle Japon : BJ for short, is offering activities and games at anime events in France. Karaoke happens to be one of them, and they have an impressive song catalog to offer to attendees.