Karaoke Mugen 2.4.1 “Juri Joviale” is out!


This version brings two important features you need to be aware of :

New file name format

IMPORTANT : ** This version provides a way to rename all your media files to the new standard we’re using. Since we’re going to run it on our own database, if you update your karaoke base **WITHOUT RENAMING FIRST you’ll end up redownloading about 90% of the media files. And you don’t want that, do you?

In order to avoid that :

  • After Sunday, December 2nd at midnight (we will rename our database entirely at this point)
  • Launch Karaoke Mugen 2.4.1 once installed
  • Go to the System panel
  • Go to the Database tab
  • Click on Rename all media files and confirm.
  • Check for progress in the console.
  • Once renaming is done, update your karaoke base as usual.

Stats upload

Since Karaoke Mugen launched, some usage stats were kept inside your database but never uploaded since we didn’t have a place for that.

We’ve been hard-working on Karaoke Mugen Server, which will have many useful features (a better song listing than on this site, a way to participate in a karaoke without being on the same Wifi network, etc.) Among those features, displaying interesting stats was one of our goals :

  • Most favorited songs
  • Most requested songs
  • Most viewed songs

We needed a way to get those stats, but your Karaoke Mugen instance needs to send these over to our server for collection.

The stats payload size is fairly small (about 100Kb on a rather big instance).

When launching Karaoke Mugen 2.4.1 for the first time, you’ll be given a choice: either you accept sending stats over or you don’t.

Stats are sent on every launch and on every hour the app is running. It’s completely anonymized (we know how many times a song has been favorited, but not by who, for example) and you can see the payload in your log files for yourself.

Stats will be published in real time on Karaoke Mugen Server soon(tm).

We’d really like to provide people with some fun information about karaoke sessions run by Karaoke Mugen, and it begins with these stats.

We hope you’ll accept sending these over.

Downloads and changelog

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us !