Time flies, it’s already been a month two months since we made a post about the development of Karaoke Mugen!

I hope you’re having fun with our software and it’s karaoke base.

We’re still working on improving your karaoke experience, sorry we didn’t keep you up to date. Today’s post is here to fix this!

… Yeah what I’ve just written feels familiar ‘cuz, eh, nothing better to say.


Since I came back from japan, the development flow is back to normal. Like two months ago, we’re still working on the same features, but here is a brief update :

We plan on releasing 2.1 Gabriel Glamoureuse early March, but it might still be postponed a little.

On master

Nothing new here, no bug issue requiring emergency fixes was reported!

On next

Massive changes under the hood of Karaoke Mugen experimental version :

  • User management system is going well, but still needs a bit of polishing. One now has to login in order to use the app through the web interface, but don’t worry, we kept everything easy to handle! As I mentioned already, this user system is a foundation brick for a lot of new features in the application.

  • The code was fully rewritten with ES2015+ standards, but as of now the next fork still has a few bugs, and needs more in-depth testing from us. At least, we’re done with the hardest.

Karaoke Mugen is spreading !

We occasionnaly receive cheers from people using Karaoke Mugen to stage their karaoke parties, and we are really grateful! It’s always such a pleasure to know our work is being used. After all, that’s all we intended by making KM and it’s base Open Source, and that’s exactly what we wanted : anyone can use it at will, and participate!

Some already do, like ENSIIE’s Bakaclub, who contribute a lot to our base, and offer a lot of feedback for both the base and the application, and also [EISTI from Cergy] who started to bring their own karaokes to the base. Having different associations, in addition to all individual users of Karaoke Mugen to cheer us up is really heart warming!

Having the french otaku community to work together on a joint project was our first motivation. We wish everyone can use Karaoke Mugen and participate in the development of both the application code and the content database.

Also note Karaoke Mugen will have it’s first shot at a convention during Jonetsu 3.33!. Jonetsu is an event promoting the businesses and professions about creation of manga and animation. Two sessions of karaoke are planned for those two days, but the main interest for Jonetsu definitely dwells in the exciting conferences planned, and the panel of artists whom will each have their stands during the convention. If you have nothing planned on Avril 7 and 8, 2018, and you can come to Bourg-La-Reine (France, department 92, near Paris), it’s really a good occasion!

Enjoy your karaokes, folks !