Time flies, it’s already been a month two months since we made a post about the development of Karaoke Mugen!

I hope you’re having fun with our software it’s karaoke base.

We’re still working on improving your karaoke experience, sorry we didn’t keep you up to date. Today’s post is here to fix this!



The current version of Karaoke Mugen is 2.0.5 and contains some minor fixes. To follow the latest stable versions, please refer to the versions page on the Lab. Among others, some jingles bugs and the database generation have been corrected.

The next fork

next is the current stable version of Karaoke Mugen and contain the latest features made for the 2.1 « Gabriel Glamoureuse » version. This version is not recommended for standard use, but you can try it anyway if you want. The only functionality we added as of now is the video preview from the web interface, to make sure the song is really the one you want before you add it!

What else?

We’re working really hard on two quite important features :

  • Easy to spot, a user system. We’ll post a more in-depth review when time comes, as we’re still in discovery phase about the implementation, and we have a lot to think about, like allowing the administrator to create accounts beforehand, and users to make their own accounts, having an avatar, and so on. That may seem useless, but a user management system is a foundation brick to more innovative (hum) features, such as favorites handling, like (up vote) a suggestion from the audience, a new mode « public polls » or even rate a karaoke.
  • More discreet, but at least as important, we’re rewriting Karaoke Mugen in ES2015+. It’s a Javascript norm more easy to read and less verbose than what we used at first. Readability means more efficient coding and easier implementation of new functions. On next, part of the code is already in ES2015+, but we still have a lot to rewrite. That’s a new occasion to bring in more developers!
  • Base-wise, we exceeded 5000 karaokes ! We spent consequent time to process a continuous integration system, validating each change in the base. Thereby, we’re making sure we have a .kara and .ass base in harmony with the video base, which is stored elsewhere.

I also wish to remind you Karaoke Mugen exists because I wanted to start coding with NodeJS. Working on such a project, both playful and useful to others, is very motivating to learn a new language! If you don’t know about Node but wish to start and help, come have a chat on Discord!. We’ll help you getting started.

Don’t expect version 2.1 before a while : I’m off to Japan between December 26 and January 19. As a result, unless my fellow Ziassan and Benoît Courtine give a huge boost on their side and do my work for me, time will pass before we’re ready.

Good karaoke parties to you all, and enjoy your end-of-year celebrations!