Karaoke Mugen 7.1 « Rin Respectable » will make you respect it!

This is an intermediate version before we start to work on KM 8 and this will take a while. We will first focus on improving kara.moe.


Downloads and changelog

Complete changelog

New features

  • You can now open a song’s media file from the song list in system panel
  • Added optional fallback playlist to keep playing songs when your current playlist ends
  • Display year and duration of song in version selector in public interface
  • Prevent app from starting up if it detects an newer database version
  • Added Mastodon link to menu
  • Added a “Deselect all” button when trying to push new changes to a repository
  • Added a progress bar to database migrations
  • Added play and usage time on welcome screen in the stats box
  • Added button to open file explorer on database folder
  • Added quiz mode
    • You can now run blind tests from Karaoke Mugen. Create a dedicated playlist, start up quiz mode and let your users try to guess which song is playing.
    • For streamers : Imagine setting up a blind test for your viewers, or letting them add songs for you to guess !
    • For anime events : Create interactive blind tests for your public
    • For home : A blind test with all your guests’ favorites or anime lists!




  • Added support for aarch64 architecture for Linux users (experimental, not for Flatpak yet)
  • Added Flatpak for Linux users! Karaoke Mugen can thus now easily be installed on a Steam Deck from Flathub!
  • Number of upvotes is now displayed in library
  • Videos with warnings (R18/Spoiler/Epilepsy) can now be blurred automatically (or manually by the operator). Thanks @TheMio !


  • Added upvote button in the karaoke details page
  • When exporting medias from a playlist, a .m3u file is now also created for use in any video player.
  • Songs are now considered “played” (for stats) only when the song ended properly. Previously it was considered “played” as soon as the song started.
  • Added “Open folder” button in the system panel’s storage page


  • Changed tag type color for language in version selector of public interface to make it more visible
  • Removed collections in version selector in public interface
  • Removed groups in version selector in public interface
  • Renamed “Families” to “Video Contents” in tag types
  • Restricted interface now allows search in library
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Changed wording on the warning modal when hitting play and current playlist isn’t displayed on screen
  • Kara form now checks for supported lyrics formats
  • The create playlist modal now tells you what’s wrong when there’s an error creating a playlist
  • Exported playlists are now labelled with an ISO date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Upgraded backend dependencies
  • Upgraded frontend dependencies
  • Removed empty lyrics lines
  • Refactored code of pause message
  • mpv logs now have a complete timestamp and not just the date since it doesn’t append to existing logs
  • Song parents can be from other repositories. Use at your own risk.
  • An error is displayed if automix contains no songs on creation
  • Search engine now takes song order into account, so you can search for “ED1” or “ED 1” to get the first ending of a series
  • Once generation is finished, library is refreshed in operator view
  • In karaoke form, open Create Tag modal on enter only if autocomplete returns 0 element


  • Fixed clicking on account after having clicked on website on welcome screen
  • Fixed downloading inbox songs with # in their names
  • Fixed display bug on “Player screen” option
  • Fixed bug on lyrics cleanup on kara edit
  • Fixed media downloads that shouldn’t happen in local repositories
  • Fixed karaoke list on tag edit form when tag has multiple types
  • Fixed time in play bar
  • Fixed modal that says you’re not playing the current playlist
  • Fixed error display when creating a playlist fails
  • Fixed some filter error
  • Fixed user edit JSON error
  • Fixed kara form submission without series or singer
  • Fixed JWT implementation
  • Fixed playlist selector on operator interface when in low resolution
  • Fixed frontend connection on a fresh reinstall
  • Fixed some operator interface issues with selected karaokes
  • Fixed some alignment problems in public interface
  • Fixed scroll in public and login pages
  • Fixed slider for video size in options
  • Fixed intro and sponsor lines at the start of playlists not marked in operator view
  • Fixed audio time set to negative when seeking to 0:00
  • Fixed public interface always in french
  • Fixed default repositories being wiped when migrating from 6.x versions
  • Fixed .deb icon for Linux releases
  • Fixed the way tag types are represented in tag files.
  • Fixed “too many files open” bug when integrating lots of tags or karaokes after an update
  • Fixed merging tags
  • Fixed getKara SQL bug with empty tag filters
  • Fixed generation in case i18n is missing from tags
  • Fixed z-index of tag popup
  • Fixed missing songs smart playlist criteria
  • Fixed repository basedir creation if not present
  • Fixed song filters when no words have been input
  • Fixed strict mode when generating. Now should error out properly on media change
  • Fixed no playlist selector on low resolution operator panel
  • Fixed kara form requirements not working anymore (serie/singer mandatory)
  • Fixed karaoke list in tag edit form when tag has multiple types
  • Fixed slider for mpv window size
  • Fixed scroll in public/login pages
  • Fixed video preview when there’s a song change in public interface
  • Fixed missing poll message in i18n
  • Fixed mini playlist query
  • Fixed DisplaySongInfo not being correctly removed from screen sometimes
  • Fixed display of action buttons in playlist (public interface)
  • Fixed remove and upvote buttons in karaoke detail page (with a specific song version)
  • Fixed conflict between socket.io and will-navigate preventing destruction of the universe and everything (it made the app go crazy)
  • Fixed kitsu slug detection
  • Fixed kara.moe auto-update for people with installs before 7.0
  • Fixed opening external links in Linux
  • Fixed file browser in Linux
  • Fixed current song not being properly updated when you stop then play again.
  • Fixed fullscreen option for player not being consistent
  • Fixed drag & drop of songs in playlsit not always working right
  • Fixed filesystem available file detection
  • Fixed video size tooltip in option
  • Fixed video size and position needing restarts
  • Fixed jingles bar refresh on the playlist in operator panel
  • Fixed intro and sponsor bars at the beginning of the playlist
  • Fixed negative time displayed when rewinding audio files
  • Fixed select log file method
  • Fixed guests accounts’ language being incorrectly set to french
  • Moved temp directory back into data directory to make it work with the future flatpak release
  • Locked player commands during shutdown
  • Increased timeout for getStats on welcome page so it displays correctly
  • Fixed some Sentry errors
  • Changed tooltip for Anilist to be more obvious
  • Fixed progress bar on operator interface
  • Fixed kara info crash if no series or singer
  • Fixed the display monitor list
  • Fixed player state on startup
  • Fixed error when playing an online song that isn’t available/internet is disabled.


  • Changed moduleResolution to node16 in typescript to be more ESM-compliant
  • Removed Sentry DSN from codebase
  • Switched from iso-countries-languages to i18n-iso-countries
  • Added @red5h4d0w to contributors
  • Switched from jwt-simple to jsonwebtoken package
  • Removed migration screens from 4.5 and 5.0 versions
  • Removed temporary folder from config as we now use ~/KaraokeMugen/temp
  • Replaced mouse wheel up/down on player. It now changes volume again like before.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us !