Set your karaoke nights up in a blink

Karaoke Mugen, standing for infinite karaoke, is a playlist manager for your parties.


Your computer may be running Windows, macOS or Linux, Karaoke Mugen will run all the same! The user interface is also compatible with all recent browsers, tablets and smartphones


Once installed, configured, and up-to-date, Karaoke Mugen doesn't need an internet connection. You can sing freely from the far countryside!

Even more!

Here are 10 more reasons to choose Karaoke Mugen. Be careful, the eighth will surprise you!

It just works

Thanks to its clear interface, Karaoke Mugen works on computers and mobile devices!

Fit for all situations

Whether you are with friends or facing an unleashed public, your karaoke is infinite.

With buddies

In private, everyone can add their favorite karaoke in the running playlist. The player will add them in order, and you can yell at your friends for requesting for the 15th time that song from One Piece!

With an audience

In a public setting, the DJ really matters: he will choose the songs from a suggestion list proposed by the public from their own devices! Prepare a playlist exclusively filled with shonen theme songs, or give them a thrill on Log Horizon's opening !

Passion first

Karaoke Mugen was made with PASSION. A team of japanimation fans maintains the website, the karaoke database and the application itself from their GitLab and Discord servers. We are mostly french, but english-speakers are welcome. In the eventuality you'd come across any trouble, feel free to contact us. And if you want to join in the adventure, that's even better! We are always looking for good souls with the will to help extend the database, creating or enhancing our karaoke base.

Open source

Karaoke Mugen is made with NodeJS, and all sources are freely available on GitLab. Do you think we miscoded a feature, something has to be optimised, or a string was mistranslated ? The application's development is open to everyone.

Apart from the software, the karaoke database is under a Creative Commons license. More information.

This website is also Open Sourced and available through this repository! If you know how to deal with HTML & CSS like a boss, come give us a hand! The website is built with Jekyll static site generator.