Karaoke Demo

If you want to see what our karaokes look like, you can use to get one random song to sing on!

Application Demo

Karaoke Mugen is a karaoke session manager, between friends or during an event, as well as a karaoke database.

We prepared a demo version of the web interface used in Karaoke Mugen so you can try it out for yourself.

It isn’t linked to any video at all : any action regarding playing videos will fail.

However, you can create an account, fool around with the web interface, and even prepare your favorites list before exporting it and use it on your own Karaoke Mugen instance once it’s installed!

Other than as a regular user, you can try out the admin side and see how managing a karaoke session works.

Try to create an account (you only need a login and password, nothing more) or become an admin with the following credentials :

Have fun!