Web interfaces

Karaoke Mugen has two different web interfaces depending on your role.

Public interface

Log in

To use Karaoke Mugen, you'll need an account.

Each account is stored on the computer running the karaoke instance. There isn't any online account system just yet.

Once logged in as a normal user, you can click on the menu icon to go to your profile and change your nickname.

Every song added will have the nickname of the use who requested it at the time of request. Changing nicknames won't affect already added songs.

Song request quotas

In its default configuration, Karaoke Mugen allows people to add about 10000 songs each. However, you'll surely want to configure that in the options screen. Your song request quota is displayed in the lower part of the screen.

Quota can be time-based instead of song-based, meaning you can't add long songs until your quota is increased.

Main screen

User interface

This is the screen on which your users arrive when they connect to the URL displayed on the player's screen or if they take a picture of the QR Code.

Search for a song

The search (with the magnifying glass ) can search through the following metadata of a song :

Types and tags

To know more about tags, read the karaoke management section.

Admin panel

By connecting to http://<your_IP>:1337/admin you'll find the admin interface, which allows you to fine-tune your karaoke experience!

Below, you have two windows with playlists, which will allow you to move/copy songs from one tot he other.

Below each list, you'll find the number of songs in each list, its duration, and navigation buttons allowing you to move to the top, end, or to the currently playing song in the playlist.

On each song, you have several options :