Karaoke Mugen uses a configuration file called config.ini located in its folder.

If this file doesn't exist, it will revert to default settings. You can see which are these settings by reading the config.ini.sample file provided.

When you modify a setting via the admin panel a config.ini file is written (or modified if it exists already) with the new settings, but not everything can be configured from the interface.

Settings details

For the settings which begin with Path, you can specify several paths at once. You need to separate each folder with a pipe |. Example : app/data/videos|/storage/videos. Karaoke Mugen will search through all the folders you specify.


Karaoke control


Current playlist


Information display

Video player settings

During a real karaoke, you will probably want to set PlayerPIP to 0 and PlayerFullscreen to 1.



The monitor is a second mpv window synced with the main one. It allows the DJ/operator to see what's going on on the main screen.



Web app settings




Song listing

Online features

System settings

These settings are not available through the web interface, but can be useful in some cases. Don't modify them if you don't know what you are doing.vez ce que vous faites.


Karaoke database paths

System paths


In addition to the various customization settings you'll find in the config file, you can change a few other things in Karaoke Mugen to fit your needs :


By default, Karaoke Mugen will use its own wallpaper depending on which version you're using. You can still specify yours through the PlayerBackground setting or simply by dropping wallpapers of your choice in jpg, png or gif formats in the app/backgrounds folder.

Karaoke Mugen will display them randomly at every pause.


If you want to put a little spice in your karaoke, you can play jingles every XX songs (via the EngineJinglesInterval setting). These video jingles are by default in the app/jingles folder.

The Karaoke Mugen community has a few jingles they share, but you can use yours.

Jingles can be downloaded in this archive. Place them in the app/jingles directory once unzipped. They are bundled with the binary version of Karaoke Mugen.